Hotas Warthog Throttle. Any good for GA?

Is anyone using the Warthog Throttle for General Aviation?

I have the TCA for the A320 but am looking for something better build quality for GA. I’ve been looking at the Virtual Fly TQ3 and TQ6 but they are so expensive at around £600-£700. I know they are all metal but the Warthog is metal and made like a tank and is less than half the cost of the Virtual Fly products.

I use it and it’s really good. You have a stick in some small GAs anyway and also in military fighters and helicopters.

It has 3 POVs and additional 10 buttons. It has no twist, though. You need pedals.

Sorry, you talk about the Throttle, not the stick. But yes, I use that also.

Couldn’t do without it, I’m so used to it. It’s so solid, weights 4300g. Has a lot of controls. Thrust levers and a small lever are magnetic hall sensor driven.

It’s for the left hand, though.

Clearly yes. I use the whole Kombo, doesn’t matter which aircraft. You can stick both throttles together to have just one or you can set it to different axis ie. to lean the engine, whatsoever. I use it for the Airbus as well. Look and feel is not like any Airplane in the sim but who cares about?

I do. I play military sims as well as small GA craft in this one, and even the occasional helicopter. I like it.

Keep in mind though that it seems solid and heavy, but it’s kind of smoke and mirrors. There are two metal plates on the bottom that seem to serve no purpose but to make it heavy and increase your perception of quality. And a lot of the interior components are plastic.

If you can get one at MSRP, go for it. You’re very unlikely to regret the purchase. But if I were in the market I’d also consider the Virpil offering.

Using the Warthog throttle as well.
Coming from a CH Eclipse.
Missing the mixture and prop controls in GA planes.
It is a joy in military planes and those airliners.

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That’s interesting to know about the plastic components inside. I did test one not long ago and it’s seems very heavy and robust. The switches are all metal and have a robust feel when using them. It definitely seems higher quality than the TCA throttle, which is all plastic and there’s hardly any weight to it. It doesn’t feel like it would last as long as the Warthog.

I didn’t realise there was so little choices for GA aircraft for just a standalone throttle. There only seems to be the Saitek one and the Virtual Fly products. There are others like the Honeycomb and Warthog but I don’t really want all the extra buttons and Autopilot features, just the throttle with a prop and mixture axis.

When you say if I can get one at MSRP, are these hard to get where you are? I’m in the UK and these seem readily available at the moment at the usual price.

I see them available on B&H now for $329.99, so it seems they are available. I know that for a lot of 2020 they weren’t, but I haven’t checked in a while.

It also occurs to me that perhaps the extra weight was added so that it stays in place for desktop use. I’ve got mine mounted to my desk chair with a monster tech mount though, which is great.

Edit, and yes, the switches do feel great, save for maybe the slew on the throttle. A lot of people upgrade those, but I haven’t.