HotFix in the meantime?

I( didnt understand, will you release a hotfix in meantime to fix the flight dynamics or not? or we have to wait weeks for a patch? if we have to wait weeks for a patch sorry but this is just ridiculous. Hotfixes exists for some reason and they call HOTFIX and not PATCH…

Ahhh and please FIX the FPS in game and MENU…very slow :confused: … A patch is always a nightmare this game…god…


Flight Dynamics Bug Details - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Yes but if i dont know do that, i need to wait weeks for a patch?

Ah well if you want to fix the deluxe aircraft you may have paid an extra $60 for…you can’t cos they’re encrypted so you’ll be waiting weeks for those to work again either way.


This is just ridiculous. Honestly i dont know what to think about this man…is just unbelievable…So we will need to wait like 2 weeks more to have a fix for this? pffff just ridiculous how this company think…for them dont exist HOT FIXES…what a shame in this industry…

You know if Flybywire fixed it? They are doing a great job, THEY are doing a great job, they deserve the recognizment…


Preaching to the choir buddy.

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Yes, according to that post they need time to test it. What I have done is either use half the amount of flaps or none depending on the situation. I am definitely not waiting on a fix because it’s easy to adapt to it.

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So we cant use FULL flaps?

You can, but it might float more than you like.

ok, but if we use like flaps 3 we can fly well, i mean normal ne?

You are so ungrateful. Your plane was just equipped with a revolutionary device which generates 2x more lift, without an increase in drag. Generations of pilots were waiting for such marvel. An you can only complain :wink:


ahahahahaha you make me laugh bro :stuck_out_tongue:

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Another thing they need to fix ASAP is the very low fps in game and menu

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I’m not sure what “normal” means. Every landing can be a bit different and depending on circumstances you would use whatever level of flaps you think fits the occasion to get the aircraft down safe.

yes, but in this case we cant use the full flaps, maximum will be the 3 right?

If you can’t use flaps, try the forward slip technique.

Each aircraft is different. Some aircraft allow you to deploy the flaps at whatever angle you want like the C208. If it has fixed notch positions then I would use a lower notch setting and adjust my approach speed to compensate.

i always fly on A320nx mod from Fly by wire :wink:

great setup :wink:

That is very nice. Color me jealous.