Hotfix Missing Scenery/buildings

Hi Guys
Anyone else notice any missing scenery/3d buildings.following SU5 Hotfix?
I Tested with no community mods etc and had the same results on both pc and xbox. Screenshot taken from Egph Edinburgh Scotland.

With the new LOD, you need to fly closer, it’ll pop up eventually :slight_smile:

I am trying to find out myself why I am not getting the full buildings/scenery. I am up to date and flying 4K/Ultra settings so I am at a loss. Good example, in NYC the New World Trade Tower is nowhere to be found. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Yes, I noticed the same thing. mostly when after restarting a flight and in denser areas it seems.

How is it around the airport?
I did a test flying twice over Tokyo (on two separate sessions), and while the photogrammetry part of the city is solid, the areas with auto-gen around the city often don’t get populated, no matter how long I wait (some patches do populate as you fly above them, some never populate). It’s as if the game can’t handle all the data, or the data streaming is broken.

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same issue with (EGPH). Hope they fix it soon

Happens on every single default airport to me, no matter in what country. Only exception are the handcrafted airports from the world updates. I’m on XB by the way. I’m sure Asobo will fix that eventually.