Hotfix Request Thread Moved

For some unknown reason the thread asking Asobo to issue a hotfix for the flap issue as described at Flight Dynamics Bug Details has been moved.

Please visit Hotfix the flaps bug now, not in sim update 3 to vote for this being hotfixed immediately.


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Bumping this up

I made a thread about it too and it was moved to the bug forum. You might even be referring to my thread. I did not know that the developers issued a statement about this. I just read that statement and I respect it. I just hope the next update won’t be delayed and we are waiting for a long time just like the spike issue.

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The topic was moved at the request of a community member so that users could use the Wishlist vote function. If enough users vote, then it will force the thread onto the community feedback snapshots which are released publicly, and (I presume) used internally as one part of the various internal metrics on issues/feature requests etc.

The moderator team have linked the topic to the CMs, but I don’t know if the thread itself will gain any more of an official response than that of the one posted in #community:news-and-announcements earlier.

In the meantime, I will leave this topic open so it can host a meaningful discussion, but I do ask that you do not bump the topic with empty posts.

Hi Nyx1819, an individual asked for it to be moved, another replied that there was no need, and away it went to a much quiter section of the forums.

Usually the person who created the post gets to ask for the moderator to move the post.

Honestly I would’ve preferred to have just typed in bumpety bump.

Half the community can’t find the community folder let alone find a airplane cfg file and then actually edit it properly and the work around does nothing for the premium deluxe planes as their encrypted. So 2 of my favorite planes are worthless for a month? Seriously I could understand this if it was early access but it’s not, should not have to wait a month for this, totally ridiculous


I personally think what would warrant a hotfix even more would be to not only fix the flaps issue, but the cloud draw/halo/aura issue needs a rollback to the previous cloud engine until they can work that one out. I was editing aircraft and panel cfg’s back in FS2002, and then moved up to editing *.air files to tweak things like ground effect and cruise lift tables. Tweaking flap lift is easy for me. It’s the clouds that have me disappointed in the graphics for the first time since I bought the sim.

Any member can request for a thread to be moved for the sake of readibility or appropriate subject tags, in order to categorize and find it easier.

So the thread that was opened “so users could use the wishlist vote function” has now been closed, thereby removing users’ ability to vote for a hotfix. Very difficult to understand the rationale for that.

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