How about a pause / wait state that dials power consumption way down

In FSX/P3D even when you alt-tabbed to the desktop power demand went way down. I would like this feature especially if I need to be away from the sim for several hours, then return to resume a flight. I notice just hitting the ESC key power demand is still substantial. Please implement a very lower power state when in pause mode, or create a different type of pause that accomplishes this.


You can get MSFS into an idle state pause that way:

ESC > SPACE > Load.
As soon as the load window opens, MSFS (and the PC fans) enter this very low power state.


Thanks for that it does work! Even so, rather than this rather cryptic approach that I have to assume many users may not have figured out, I’d still like to see something that everyone would know about without this somewhat inside knowledge. Cheers and thanks it works!

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I fully agree. Don’t know why MSFS doesn’t enter this low power state when pressing ESC.