How about controlling the mouse cursor with VR head tracking?

It is very inconvenient to move your hand with the mouse while wearing VR.
How about controlling the movement of the mouse cursor with VR?(like eye-tracking or head tracking)
If you can place the mouse cursor over the place you are focusing at in VR, you will not have to move your hand with the mouse.


This would have been the most common sense basic VR implementation you would think…

But what do you do after you moved the mouse? Blink twice to click and look up or down to turn a scroll wheel? The better option would be the use of handtracking.

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Yeah though a nice idea i can’t see it working. You could assign a button on the joystick or throttle for manipulations, left click etc to get over that I suppose

But the main problem i would see if the accuracy required of your head to aim at and control a switch, having to move your head and point directly at a switch keeping dead still.

Imagine flying and then having to look down and fixate on a switch to change it.

Reminds me a bit of when I had trackIR all good until you needed to change the altitude via a dial or similar, had to keep my head absolutely dead still or id lose interaction with the dial. Which I frequently did

Not to mention the constant mouse cursor on screen if you move your eyes.

This is how I like to implement mouse head tracking. No visible mouse cursor by default. Pressing a button brings the mouse cursor into view and center it. Now the cursor is a light spot, such as a blue dot. It is in head tracking mode. Left clicking on an empty spot turns the blue dot into an arrow. Now the mouse behaves as it is now and is in hand tracking mode. All other mouse functions such as scroll wheel and right click remain unchanged. After a few seconds, the mouse cursor disappears.

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Bit like how the Tobii eye trackers can work, shifting the idle mouse cursor to where you are looking so you don’t need to ‘find’ it.

So you could have a keybind to enable view select, that enables an unobstrusive centre spot in your vision and from where any movement of the mouse would start the cursor moving from making it easier to specifically select controls. Could even give us a better custom mouse cursor, like the virtual hands seen elsewhere.

I do this in DCS

toggle/trigger little crosshair
point head
4 options (TMWH shifted coolie hat) Lclick Rclick UPwheel DWNwheel

never your hands from the HOTAS.


This is exactly what I do in DCS. Works perfectly for HOTAS. Have you figured a way to do this in this sim? It’s really a game changer.

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Thats a nope from me. I had this in Project Cars 1 and 2 and it was really annoying.

What bothers me at the moment is that when I look at the throttle, for example, I can no longer move it when it is in the middle of the screen

Me too. It’s seamless.
I actually started doing this in P3D once it was supported and it made the VR experience much better

Same here. With the Reverb G2, if I look at something in VR, a dot appears and the control gets that selection highlight. Anyone know how to turn that off? I’m fine using the mouse. The headset latching onto a control is annoying.


That may be a WMR feature that needs to be turned off. Voice control should also be disabled. It can do terrible things unexpectedly.

Thank you. I’ll look there. It seems like something that can be toggled on or off somewhere. I was thinking MSFS but you may be right. I’ll check.

Same here…took time to get used to it but now using a mouse in VR is painful.

Was surprised the DCS mouse on head way wasn’t implemented.

Come on Microsoft give us the option like in DCS.

Did you find a solution to removing the DOT?

I also need to find a solution to this.

When having other panels open such as navigraph, I lose rudder control simply due to looking at the panel because the mouse cursor follows the headset gaze location, and as we know, control is directed towards panels when mouse cursor hovers over them .

Some more testing and this only seems to happen when using a gamepad. There must be some low level menu interaction override in VR where the cursor is tied to the gaze position when using a gamepad.
That all sounds a bit strange but given the niche setup I doubt we’ll see changes. Looks like it’s time to dust off the old hotas after all.

Sort of…Under the Accessibility settings, there is an option for Cockpit Interaction (Locked vs Legacy). With Locked you get the blue highlight when the mouse locks onto a control, button or knob. You also get the VR dot. If you set it to Legacy, you won’t get the blue highlight nor the VR dot. The only problem with that is some controls are too close to others sometimes (like the inner and outer stacked knobs on a Garmin) and you really need that highlight to distinguish between the two.