How big is your community folder?

You will miss the new FSX liveries!

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Some of these addons are hit and miss for me.
Simply don’t load inside the sim.
Or maybe im overlooking them because they have vanilla aircraft thumbnails?

~7mins loading time
i5 8500, 16gb, Barracuda SSD, 2060super

Removed all Google scenary or else it would take around 15mins.

12 Mb and that is the current Bush Trip I am on, when completed it will be deleted

I see no point in adding liveries or non useful add ons, I fly inside not from behind or to the side

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OK, Original Question: How big is your community folder ?

My Community Folder Contains: 0 Bytes. I do not plan on adding any Addons until MSFS has cleared most of the annoyances and bugs in the Core Sim. Also, I have never experienced a CTD.

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Just over 2GB and that’s big for me! The game is so unstable I keep it to just the minimum of what I need. DA62 mod, TBM mod, A320 FBW, and some garmin mods. I’ll add scenery and liveries later when I no longer live in fear of a CTD 2 hours into a flight. Not that I would ever really see my livery.

0 GB. I use an addons manager with a preset for whatever I’m doing for that session!

Mine is now 31gb after moving some stuff are no longer working after the update!

about 45GB for the basic stuff (liveries, working title, FBW Airbus, glitchfixes and some sceneries around my home town) - plus the sceneries I chose to activate with MSFSAddonLinker, where I want to fly at a specific time. I have about 900GB of sceneries on the hard drive at the moment.

About 90GB, mostly airports, no photogrammetry. It adds 14 seconds to the initial loading. Cannot be bothered to only activate what I need for each flight as it would take longer than having to load the sim once for each session (14 extra seconds).

190 gigabyte is the size of the community folder backup before installing a patch, and currently active and in use inside the Flight Sim`s community folder are 11,8 gigabyte (I need to hand-select and test most of the DLCs and liveries and cockpit and avionic/instrument updates after the patch).

My community folder is 0 bytes. I don’t want to waste my free time updating mods.

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