How big is your community folder?

Would be fun to know how many addons you guys have…

Personally i just passed 123gb, downloaded a lot of norwegian and british cities and airports form…


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If sim performance experience is important, this should be a race to the bottom and not the top.
I am using addons linker and only enabling the relevant addons for the area I fly to. The ones always enabled are aircraft mods/generic improvements etc.


i have not experienced any fps loss, i have everything on m.2 drives

Fully agree, FPS will probably not be impacted, but loading times do (in my experience).


i gotta try out this mod ur speaking of, you just check off the once you want before starting the game?

I typically just add what I need from another folder for the flight I’ll be doing, keeps the loading time down.

so I should strive to keep my addons to a minimum - that is a JOKE of a system…its literally going backwards from FSX.

worthless game, I’m done with it.

Around 100mb, currently in da work so cant screenshot it

It’s the biggest I’ve had since launch: around 2GB, mostly Working Title Garmin Mods, the Edgely Optica (!) and Henrik’s Ship AI (love this mod).

No noticeable impact on load times, but then again I read how people have 200+ GB (mostly sceneries) so they’re waiting up to an hour (wut???) before Main Menu. As the Internet Meme goes, “Ain’t No One Got Time for Dat.” :smile:

70 GB all liveries basically :joy:. Load time of 7 mins for main menu.

I use MSFS AddOnsLinker, so other than tiny, symbolic links mine is empty. There’s didly and squat in there. I only load what I’m going to fly in the session. Why anyone would physically drop stuff there is beyond my comprehension.

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Only load what you’re going to fly. You’ll save hours a day, even if you have to restart the sim every flight.

I fly airliners and I fly up to 7-8 flights per session. No point in me doing that and loading the sim every flight. And I never know what I’m going to fly. I use flight generators and go from there lol

FSX really?
FSX was much worse due to the 32-bit virtual memory limitation.
As others have pointed out, your FPS will rarely affected. But the loading time does, there were people here mentioning 45 minutes to the main screen.


I’m on an rtw, so I have a specific set of add-ons to use for it. Then I’ll just go out and screw around with another set of stuff. Seriously, give AddOnsLinker a try. Being able to load in various set-ups is great. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you seldom use, and how much time you’ll save. It’s truly one of he best MSFS accessories available. For me, it changed the way I control the sim.

How does this program relate to the way I play. It is like you are trying to promote it but disregard anything I say :joy:

I forgot about Tubeliner guys.
Never mind, then.
Sorry I tried to help.

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it’s a joke… im going back to P3Dv5.

Thanks for letting us know, happy flying.

354Gb - load times are 4m 30s. I have a problem I know…