How can I buy addon

How can I buy any type of plane

But not from the game

Is there a site to buy?

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Is there any kind of payment method? for all addon

But not from the game Is there a special site to buy all addon MFS

I don’t have a paypal card
I have a friend who has a PayPal card
It is very clear that it must be purchased from the game only

There are many places to buy planes for MSFS. They take a variety of payment types. Simmarket is one of them. Orbx is another. Some makers of planes sell their products direclty.

thank you for the info but the mfs addon its not all sure the other places to buy what I want demage
there is not an office website for all mfs addons

There is no single site where you can buy all the addons available for MSFS.

You also can’t just “buy any type of plane.” You can only buy the planes that someone has chosen to make for MSFS and sell.

thank you


Before you buy any addon, check both the (in-game) ratings and various reviews!!
A large portion of the payware aircraft offered for the game are well below the quality of the stock aircraft, and therefore not worth any of your money.