How can i deactivate auto log in?

I even did not realize that i choose it. I just realized accidentially. I looked into my profile and so on but did not find a way to deactivate it. How can i deactivate auto log in?

Are you referring the login to this forum?

Yes. I dont need to type my pw any longer but i dont want to log in automatically.

This is a browser setting. You would to turn off auto login.

I use google chrome and this forum is the first and only place where this happened. What to i have to do to deactivate it?

I’m not sure as I don’t use Chrome. There would be a setting in Chrome to turn off auto login.

Now i looked into it but chrome did not save any pw nor auto login is activated for any website so i really wonder why i can auto log into only this forum.

Try clearing cookies just for this website.

After i deleted cookies i had to log in typing pw. But when i logged out and logged in again i did not needed pw again. Since this webpage is the only one where this happen i am really confused and i need a solution.

Maybe you saved your password in your browser?

No i did not. I already checked it. But i never save any pw. I always want to type it always when i log somewhere in. Now i found out that i have to log in again with pw when the computer was turned off. But when i now log out and log in later without turning of the computer it will happen automatically again.