How can I display parameters (EGT & fuel flow) without payware tools?

My question is not exactly cockpit builder related, but as you are experts in extracting information from the simulator, I hope you can help me.

Maybe you know that the 40th anniversary DHC-2 Beaver doesn’t have EGT gauge and trying to lean the engine by ear it’s very difficult in this particular plane. So, is there any free tool that allows display EGT? I know some payware, but I would prefer not to have to spend money only for this problem.


I noticed whilst checking out the latest Navigraph Maps release that it has quite comprehensive telemetry. Don’t know if it covers what you need but maybe worth a look. However I’m not sure if you have to have a subscription, which I have.

It’s free so try it to see if it’s what you need


Awesome! What a piece of addon! I didn’t know it. It shows EGT, fuel flow, etc. It’s perfect, just I was looking for. I’m going to check if it possible customize it a little bit.

Thank you!!!

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I’m reading the manual and this addon is pure gold!!! Even a flight bag!

@PlumbGlue67 seriously, thank you so much for this find!

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My pleasure !
Have fun and blue skies.

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