How can i enable (connect) DC-3 with GPU?

The GPU unit is available, but I am looking for the button to connect with GPU. Seems the interior has been changed a little bit with latest updates.
TH GPU is connected (automatically) but where is the GPU switch? It appears in the checklist too at point 4 “Before starting engine”. Is it hidden behind radio?

Are you using Duchworks mod? Not at the PC but from memory top overhead panel top left there is a stow/deploy switch and the battery just below that one has a battery/cart switch. If im remembering correctly!
If not using Ducks mod. Then I don’t know.

Indeed i am using Duckworks mod. “Battery Cart”?

Are you looking for the “GROUND PWR” switch in the upper-left on the “retrofit” cockpit?

Mine retrofit looks that way

Ah you’re using a mod. Never mind; see the mod author’s documentation.

Yes, Duckworks Mod as described before.

Well the answer may be “it doesn’t exist anymore because the mod removed it”, so check the documentation that came with the mod from where you got the mod.

Guess it connects automatically as soon as there is a GPU since the ATC is active again. I was not aware of these things. But i installed it some months ago and now i decided to learn the DC-3 :wink:

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I see the thread has moved on from my initial post. Assume all good now :grinning:
It’s a great aircraft. You may be interested in this which I stumbled across recently.

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I know this kind of website. Afaik there is even one where you can apply as pilot or atc … after passing a test :wink:

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