How can i exclude the push-back Guys even though i have added some parking spots?

Hi ,
i am in the process of recreating the small Airfield of my Hometown in Germany. I have added 3 Parking spots to be able to start cold and dark and not beeing spawned on the runway. But now i have the Guys with their little push-back machines hanging around at the airport, smoking cigarettes and harrassing the female Pilots. In real life there ist no pushback service available. How can i get rid of them ?


I use Airport Design Editor, and the only way I know to do it is to make the parking spot ‘Military’ in some way (military cargo, military combat). That works for me.

Thanks for your answer, i will have a look and see if i can find some kind of variable that i can set to “military”


You have to create a services.xml file if you dont have one for your airport. I think you can get one from the sdk samples. In there it should specify your parkings with no ground crew. If you don’t specify the sim assumes you have ground equipment, vehicles etc

I did it months back… forgot how tho… but is was something to do with an xml file… I think I found it off a YouTube video… possibly flyingtheson

thanks guys!

Search for “Airport Services” topic in this forum. I have answered this question multiple times.