How can I see the msfs made up taxi ways on a map?

Im trying to train a little bit for a maybe future vatsim try, but like 99% of all airports dont have real life taxi ways, so I cant use real life charts and taxi like the ingame ATC is telling me.

I read multiple times now that people can see the taxi ways with the standard VFR map, when zooming very close to the airport, but that doesnt work for me, all the taxi ways are just dark without signs. I have only the RW numbers viewable on the ingame VFR map.

Little Nav Map can read and show you the in-sim taxiways and intersections, and so much more.


It works, thank you a lot !

For everyone who whants to try that as well, you have to syncronise littlenavmap with the msfs2020 data, after that it uses the ingame taxi ways.

Or you can install this mod, so you don’t need maps… :grin:

Also but not free is Navigraph where you can overlay the aircraft position on the Jeppessen Airport chart

No need.

Turn on taxi ribbon in-game assistance options :wink:

That doesn’t help with directions given by AI ATC when the MSFS taxiways don’t match the real-world charts.

Well, it helps in that you can ignore the directions and make up your own based on the chart. :wink:

Yes it does as the OP was talking about Vatsim. And Vatsim controllers go by the real world charts and not was MSFS draws.

Same reason why the above mentioned taxi ribbon is useless for Vatsim. When you get taxi instructions from the Controller eg taxi A B to HP RWY 12 you need to follow those and not what the taxi ribbon might tell you.

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The default Taxi ribbon displays huge blue arrows in your face. My mod still requires the Taxi Ribbon to be turned on, but it replaces the huge blue arrows to a much more subtle and smaller green arrows which blends into the taxiway centre lights instead.

OP specifically talked about using in-game ATC while practicing before using vatsim, and being unable to use the real-life charts because they don’t match directions that AI ATC gives.

In any case, the recommendation to use LittleNavMap has already resolved the thread, as it can read out the MSFS data so the maps match ATC. :slight_smile:

U can also use SimToolkitPro (free and AWESOME!) like Littlenavmap shows you the taxiways including their letters/numberson a moving map. And itoffers many, many other great features. And itis more appeling than LNM IMHO :slight_smile:
For example it has VATSIM integration, shows you actice ATC and other VATSIM traffic on the map.

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I agree! I’ve noticed that in real life, there are NO blue line pathways showing you how to taxi to your runway (LOL). LNM is detailed enough that, even in the largest airports, if you study ATC’s instructions, you can predetermine your ‘escape’ route and follow to the runway. Try getting out of KDEN, without a map, using the ATC directions only. You’ll just give up and launch from the longest taxiway you can find…, :laughing:
Now if I can ever get MSFS to load, I’d really love to get back to simming… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would use an official Aerodrome Chart to be sure. (you can get these for free at just to be sure. I found discrepancies in taxiway designation between the official map and Little Navmap . (CYVR taxiway B vs D for example).
The Vatsim controller assigned me the correct taxiway from the Aerodrome Chart.
Just sayin’

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