How can I update .CFG file changes, without having to restart the game


I am getting nuts because I every time I have to update a change I made at a .CFG file, I have to restart the game. I have tried the Dev mode aircraft selector but the only thing that happens is that it changes of the plane but no updates are shown, so I have to quit and re-start the game.

Well, yes - the sim reads the config files at startup. Refreshing the aircraft simply…er, refeshes the aircraft, using the config file it’s already read at startup.

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Did not used to be that way. I think that changed about su5 or 6

There’s your answer, OP. All you need is a time machine. :laughing:

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Switching the plane using the aircraft selector works for me sometimes.

I have very recently worked on an aircraft mod in SU9 and have been able to update the cfg and reload the changes without having to restart the sim. You need to be in developer mode, create a new project, display the aircraft editor window, make your changes to the cfg file then select resync under the file menu on the aircraft editor window and your aircraft will refresh with the changes you made.

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