How change my main display

I had to reinstall windows due to a problem and now when I launch the game it doesn’t launch on my main screen but on the right one.I want to display my game on my main screen, how can I do it please? HELP ME

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Monitor setup in windows is correct?? I mean your intended main is also set as main?

Yes on windows my central screen is well defined on default screen

Alt+Enter to enter windowed mode, then drag the window to the other monitor and Alt+Enter again to go back fullscreen?

Thank you I managed to change my screen with your tip txt0335844

EDIT: Already fixed by previous post above. A much simpler method :smiley:

I know, I hate the way windows insist in calling my main screen the No.2 screen, and the second screen the No.1 screen … though they work correctly.

Anyway, there is often a quick fix for this sort of thing with games. You could try :

1/ In Window display settings, disable the second screen (not simply switch off). I am assuming that you use it as an extended desktop.

2/ With 2nd screen totally disabled boot up MSFS2020. It should now run on the main screen you want to use.

3/ Close MSFS. Hopefully whatever config file it uses has now been re-written with the correct main display.

4/ Re-enable the 2nd screen.

5/ Boot up MSFS2020, and pray that it now loads onto the main screen rather than the secondary.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for your answers

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