How come turning your head is smoother than rolling?

Ive been tweaking the vr settings for some time now, still trying to find the sweetspot between beauty and fps. Sometimes reaching a certain setting I have noticed that turning your head around makes smooth, but if I start to roll the plane the graphics start to stutter, though the measured fps does not go down. Any idea what this might be?

Intel i9
32GB ram
Vive Pro 2

are you using OpenXR Toolkit?

Yes I do. Do you think that could cause this?

No, I think you need to build in some extra fps as a buffer, I have the same setup without issue. WMR 100%, In game 100%, FSR 85%

Interesting. What frame rate are you getting? I am about 30 fps.

With live weather and traffic, all players, around 30 - 32 over London at 1800ft. Once I’m higher or in less built up areas around 40 fps, mist, clouds bring it back to early 30’s.

I think you’re right. If I look at the horizon out a side window while rolling I can see the horizon stutter but turning my head does not. So a vertical movement stutters but the horizontal head movement does not. I notice this doesn’t happen with motion reprojection enabled but I don’t like the artifacts so I leave it off. Frankly I just don’t look out the side window when rolling :wink:

Another vertical stutter I get is with the F-35b that has a STOVL mode. When moving vertically in STOVL mode sometimes I also see stutters. It doesn’t happen all the time though.
and rotating horizontally in STOVL mode doesn’t ever stutter.

So I do think there’s a difference between horizontal and vertical movement.

Could be related to video ram. I only see real stutter when VRAM is used up, so that has also always been my priority to manage.

There is of course also stutter through simple “more work” for the GPU, but the increase is gradual, not as abrupt as memory bottlenecks. That is to say 20% more calculation means 20% less frames but when memory runs out the chopping can completely ruin the experience.

No idea, but I have a similar issue where head movement is butter smooth, as is banking, but at lower altitudes scenery microstutters (dropped frames/inconsisten frame times) as it moves past. Despite 45fps locked…