How do I buy something on marketplace?

Sorry, I guess I am a little slow, I dont understand how to make a purchase in the marketplace.

As soon as I hit buy, I see like something flashing in the background and immidietly goes to failed purchase.

What are Flightsim credits`?

Hi @ButtOwipoLIVE,

Here are some items that have solved this issue for others, myself included. Please give them a try and report back either way.

I normally start FS2020 with administrator rights and purchases in market place fails, but when I start FS2020 without administrator rights, I’m able to make purchases in market place.

OK, so I was able to make this work now.

Here is my experience:

Starting the game through the shortcut on desktop does not work, the little box where I am supposed to enter my pin just flashes and closes.

Starting the game through the Xbox Beta app works now, so that was my problem, I mean, how am I supposed to figure that out? I dont use the Xbox Beta app since I have a shortcut on my desktop.

Hello there,
make sure Windows is updated to very latest version before buying on marketplace.
There’s a freeware airport download on marketplace.I strongly recommend you install that before making cash purchase.
Marketplace is still having problems in UK.Multiple attempts to download anything.I logged out and back in before I finally got success.The orbx landmarks update downloaded fine.Took a dozen attempts for EDLP.
Not sure why cash is turned into credits of a sort.Might be Banking issue with Microsoft,or the way Xbox works.