How do I create liveries in LVFR A21N?

I’m not finding any tutorials how to make a livery on the LVFR aircraft, just Asobo’s aircraft or FBW. Does someone knows how can I?

I actually just made a livery for this aircraft yesterday, lol

The process is pretty much the same across most planes. For this plane however, I used a paint kit you can download here on

Here is the steps I did for this plane:
1.) Paint the livery in Blender using the .blend file.
2.) Export the .PNG files
3.) Open those files in Photoshop, convert to DDS and use those DDS to replace the current DDS files in the project folder
4.) Drop those in the livery folder.

If this is your first livery, I suggest watching a few online tutorials :slight_smile: As I said, the process is the same among every plane, just different texture structure mainly.


When I enter in the game that’s how my livery looks like:

That’s not supossed to…

Can you DM me the livery folder? I can take a look at it :slight_smile: