How do i delete the recommended airports list in the departure flightplanning?

As in the title.

I would rather have a long history list than the ‘recommended’ airports.

Any help would be appreciated.



It would be nice to toggle them on / off as needed. They’ve a lot of other stuff to do though so don’t hold your breath on that being added any time soon.

Quite. I was hoping that there was a file somewhere that I can edit.

It’s crazy only having three slots for history and quite honestly, I could care less for the ‘recommendations’ of Asobo/Microsoft.

Another simplification for ‘gamers’ I guess. Not a problem if they give alternatives for those of us who want to fly regular airports/destinations rather than go sight-seeing lol.

Gamers didn’t ask for that feature either. It’s called marketing.

Then I hope they know where they can put their ‘marketing’.

Seriously though, I hope you would agree that there should be a better provision for storing regular departure/destination airports.

By the way, I have nothing against ‘gamers’. I’m one myself in other contexts…but not in simulators.

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I definitely could have used more historical context in those lists. If you make a suggestion in wishlist, you have my vote.

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Good idea. I’ll do that.

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I’d rather the list was populated by my flight history and not just 3 entries each side.
I use an economy addon and blow through those 3 in very little time.
Perhaps to keep marketing happy, have the nearest most relevant POI’s as the last 3.

Popped it into the wishlist if you’re interested.


Do you have a link for that? Couldn’t find it.


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