How do I fix this toolbar bug?

When I open the toolbar with the keyboard shortcut, it is automatically opening the weight and balance menu, and once open I am unable to click on anything else, including close that menu.

I have to close the toolbar menu itself, then I can close the weight and balance menu.

In order to click on any of the other menu items I have to open the toolbar by hovering over the drop down with my mouse.

Video demonstrating the issue:
MSFS2020 Toolbar Bug - YouTube

  1. TAB shows toolbar with in-your-case W&B
  2. TAB again to hide toolbar behind W&B, Move W&B window or close, out-of-the-way
  3. TAB again to show toolbar, icons now accessible?
  • there’s also on the right the select/settings/which-ones the morst right of the toolbar


No what is happening is I press Tab, the menu opens, including the W&B

At this point I cannot interact with the menu, AT ALL, including the W&B menu.

I press Tab again, the menu goes away, but the W&B menu stays open and I am then able to close it manually.

If I then press Tab again, the same thing happens again. The W&B menu opens again and I cannot interact with anything.

The only way I’m able to interact with anything in the toolbar is by hovering over the little dropdown arrow, NOT pressing Tab to open the toolbar.

This is persisting between game loads as well as restarting the game entirely. It’s very frustrating, no idea why it’s happening.

  1. there’s a reset button on the toolbar
  2. try Options / Everything ON (top ribbon), fly couple of minutes, end flight, fly again, see if this resets?

When you press TAB things dont happen as you expect them to happen.

The ‘key’ is to press ENTER to get focus, then you can use arrow keys.

Bottom line: Dont use/press TAB at all.

When I start in 2D, moving the mouse to the upper edge of the MSFS full screen,
pops up the Toolbar (TAB is quite erratic if at all, in VR, ok-ish better)

Resetting the toolbar doesn’t do anything and neither does your other suggestion.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Get focus? Focus of what? Pressing Enter doesn’t do anything when the toolbar is open.

Can I jump in here and describe the oddity I’m having with the toolbar, perhaps it’s related?

In 2D, When I open any one of the windows from the toolbar and then close the window and toggle the toolbar off. If the mouse pointer is in the location where the window was closed, toggling the toolbar on causes the previously opened window to automatically open.

However, if the mouse pointer is somewhere else on screen, the window does not open.

Now in VR the mouse pointer is a different animal so this behaviour is slightly different inasmuch as any previously opened window opens automatically when the toolbar is activated.

One more thing to note. In VR, the top right corner of the windows (weather, VFR Map etc. ) the close and minimise buttons have been replaced with a pin icon that appears not to function at all.