How do I get rid of generic liveries for real airlines?

I have the Airbus Mega pack installed and some of the liveries are at the airport gates. However all of the planes that actually land and takeoff have generic liveries but their ATC call sign is real airlines. How do I get the generic airplanes to be the correct livery that ATC is referring to them as?!

You have to access the Official Folder, and look for the Generic folders. Open their aircraft.cfg and look for IsAirTraffic=1 and change it to 0. You have to do this for ALL of the Generic Aircraft folders.

Then if you find ICAO_Generic=1, also change this to 0.

Then you have to open the Asobo A320 folder, and look for the Aircraft.cfg as well. Then Add ICAO_Generic=1 in there at the same position as the one from the Generic aircraft.

Once you do this, it will force the sim to use the Asobo A320 model as your generic Air Traffic model, regardless of the actual Live Traffic aircraft type. And if you have a matching A320 livery with a matching ICAO Airline code that is also set to use IsAirTraffic=1, it will use that livery.


I think if you’re just trying to get rid of the default A320 liveries, you just have to do what he said to the generic twin engine jet default aircraft (I’m not at my desk, so I don’t know its exact name). If you change ALL of the generic aircraft to not icao_generic=0, you won’t have any generic ai aircraft, like single and twin engine piston, etc… It won’t use those liveries on the twin engine jet that represents the A320 style aircraft.

Setting the generic to 0 is only half the work. And it will CTD your Sim if you do so. The thing is, the Sim needs at least 1 type of aircraft to be set to Generic. If you set them all to 0 the Sim will error out and crash to desktop because there’s no generic aircraft to choose from.

That’s why if you want to get rid of the generic and use the A320 you need to set the default Asobo A320 as the generic instead.

So any of your liveries, need to have an A320 livery that has the aircraft.cfg to use isAirTraffic=1 so that the Sim will use this as the generic traffic.

Just make sure all the liveries aircraft.cfg has a properly matching ICAO airline code, so that the Live Traffic can spawns with the matching livery to the flight number.

You can also replace the texture files in AirTraffic folders in the Asobo A320 folder to any A320 livery that you want. So that it stops using the blank yellow or green livery that it came up with and use the one you replaced instead. I place my Star, SkyTeam and OneWorld alliance liveries as the default A320 air traffic liveries. So when I’m looking at a live traffic flight number that doesn’t have a matching ICAO livery, it falls back to using the alliance instead.

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The point is, he only asked how you get rid of the A320 generic liveries. Not all of them. Hence, that’s only the twin jet that needs to be replaced by the A320 to get rid of the generic A320 liveries.

I’m of the same mind, the only planes I’d want to get rid of the generic liveries for are the A320, 787, 747, essentially, the airliners.

I’d still like to see other aircraft used appropriately for parking and AI (why the heck don’t parked aircraft use the same facility as AI aircraft… It should be unified), along with the A320, since I fly to smaller aitports. The generics are better on memory, too.

Do you recommend only 2K liveries for the isAirTraffic liveries?

I actually uninstall 747 and 787 from my content manager anyway since I don’t fly them at all. I tried setting them as AI traffic, and that was a bad idea, the whole traffic was showing 747 and it was a lag fest since they all render the full cockpit and instruments due to the 747 and the 787 doesn’t have any AI traffic model with them. That’s why I forced the sim to use the Asobo A320 to be the generic traffic, and disable everything else. And the default A320 liveries that it came with are all replaced by the alliance liveries that I have.

I actually use 8K-16K resolutions for all my A320s, including the isAirTraffic stuff. And I set them up so both the A32NX and the Asobo A320 all share the same livery texture files to save space and prevent duplicates and redundancy.

So basically, the 8K-16K liveries that I downloaded will be put into the Asobo A320 with all the model references to the default A320. The isAirTraffic also reference these same livery textures. Then in my A32NX livery, I barely have any livery texture files in there save for the SELCAL plate, and the Coffee Cups (so that the different coffee cups can be applied to different liveries so it’s easy to switch liveries around and the coffee cups will follow). Then I set the texture.cfg file in the A32NX texture folder to point to the livery files located in the Asobo A320 textures folder.

So essentially,
Default Asobo A320 Flyable ----|
Default Asobo A320 AI Traffic—|------> All pulling from the same livery texture files.
FlyByWire A32NX------------------|

You can see how it looks like on my airports:

Is anything like this at all possible on Xbox? To have the correct liveries such as EasyJet etc on the live ai traffic to which they correspond?

I don’t think so at the moment… Xbox is a closed environment. If they do want to include real life liveries on them, that has to go through the official microsoft store, and there’s a lot of licensing and permissions to get from the airliners before they can be added. Either that would take a long time, or it’ll never come.

And this is assuming after they revamped the entire AI model and livery matching process.