How do I go inside the airports and how do I take snapshots?

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Hi, so I am just asking and wondering how can we take snapshots of inside the airport?

I know a few people who have, where it showed inside the airport and some people.

Something about using a drone?

I am interested in wanting to do this but still unsure how.

You may find this guide on using the great drone feature in MSFS useful. (Don’t forget to click the little arrows within the post to expand the relevant sections to see more information on the keyboard/xbox controller shortcuts)

I use it all the time to explore airfields and their surroundings.


Thank you do much!!! :slight_smile:

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As for taking shots, I use the GeForce Experience (Nvidia card owner) app to do mine. The default key binding is Alt+F1. It also records video with Alt+F9.

If you want to use the Xbox Gamebar functions to snap and record, use ⊞+Alt+Prtscn to get screenshots, and ⊞+Alt+R to record video.

I use the Windows Key along with the Print Screen key for SS .

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