How do I reset to NON VR use?

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FS loads, but comes up with “headset not detected error” message, then crashes to desktop.
I have uninstalled MSFS a dozen times, and re installed, sometimes to a different directory even.
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I9-1290, MZ690 Mboard, RTX 3080 TI GPU, Reverb G2, Honeycomb yoke, Honeycomb Throttle Quadrant, Logitech rudder pedals, 2 x Logitech instrument panels.
Windows 11

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Changing base video resolution settings prior to launching MSFS seems to make a difference, but There are many many choices to try!. Haven’t found the right one yet.
Deleting the usercfg.opt file does not seem to help either.
Any suggestions?
Works fine in every other app!

Fixed for now.
I had the VR switch button mapped to two switches across 2 pieces of hardware.
Disabled the second switch mapping, and all sorted.
If anyone asks, a HC Bravo has 47 switches to check!