How do I see the active runway that FSLTL uses


FSLTL is already a good program, that offers very realistic feel. I am content with it just the way it is already.

However sometimes it is not clear to me which active runway for arriving and departing are used by FSLTL.

I thought that somebody said to me earlier that FSLTL uses the active runways that MSFS itself determines, for e.g. its won ATC service.

My question is simple: how can I see in the simulator with certainty which runways are used?

And I do not mean visually, because I would like to no before I arrive at the airport. As yesterday there almost where collisions between me and the AI aircraft, because I made a wrong active runway guess.

Can you see this anywhere? Perhaps via the active runways in MSFS itself? Or in FSLTL?

If anybody knows, please let me know.



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Tune into the ATIS frequency; it’ll describe the weather (eg, from METAR data) including wind direction, and say which runways are active.


Hello, thank you, that is a good idea. But sometimes there is no ATIS. Is there then another option or is this to be improved further in the future? Greetings, Boudewijn

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If it’s an uncontrolled airport with no ATIS, then you’ll have to deal with guessing from the METAR until you either enter the VFR landing pattern and maintain separation by eye, or are assigned an approach by ATC.

Thank you, I guess if nobody has any other idea, this is the only way to do it know. Would be nice if FSLTL had an included feature for this. Greetings.

FSLTL doesn’t control which runway is in use, that’s all controlled by MSFS’s AI airplane and ATC logic.

just a thought…since MS uses FlightAware, you can check the site for the airport and see which runways are in use for TO and Landing?

I tend to find if you do that step as part of flight planing (for example, using Simbrief), I get less runway changes when I approach.

Hello, ok, so MSFS uses flightaware data, I did not know that. However I checked their site, but it does not clearly state it right? You have to guess it looking at the planes correct? Or am I missing something here? Greetings

Yes, arrivals and departures are different colors.

Thanks, at least I know something more. But I would preffer that they would just indicate it very clearly in the sim for every airpot. But I guess they did not come around to that yet. Thanks, greetings.