How do I tune in to 125.12 Mhz (A320neo)?

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Yes, I am litteraly asking how to select the digits, especially the fractional part .12, in the A320neo. According to this site 125.12 Mhz is the ATIS frequency:

I am able to select the Mhz part (125) of course, using the radio frequency know (the “large spinning part” of it), but when spinning the smaller wheel it jumps from .115 directly to .125 - it won’t let me choose .120. Likely I observed that .145 is also “missing”.

I that to be expected? Are those Khz frequencies (.120 and .145, and also .170 and possibly more) simply “not used”? Is that gap intentional (also in the real world)?

So how would I “dial in” to the above frequency 125.12 Mhz? Neither 125.15 nor 125.25 worked (“Not in use”).

You can floor it to 125.12

Probably there is no ATIS in the game for that airport. There’ll be lots of missing or inaccurate frequencies in any given sim. Both for COM and NAV radios.

IMO check the in game ATC window to verify the frequency. If you can see it there, you can tune into it.

125.12 isn’t a valid frequency (referred to as 8.33 kHz spacing). The actual ATIS is broadcast on 125.125. Many listings / frequency databases will omit the last 5 for whatever reason. The radio tuning on most aircraft are smart enough to fix this, but occasionally it causes issues in the sim.

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Thank you! That’s what I thought.

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