How do I turn off the overlay info for what the buttons do in the cockpit


As title, when I hover over the buttons in say the a320neo it brings uo a box on what it does and what button controller button I need to press, how do I turn this off, I cant seem to find a setting for it.
I find this info gets in the way.

Xbox here.


Check in your Accessibility general options. Or the Assistance options. The keyword you’re looking for is the Tooltip.

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Thanks, will take another look when I’m on next.

And if it doesn’t work, set your control options as “legacy”

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Even setting them as Legacy could still have the tooltips to appear if it’s set to ON.

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I tried looking for that legacy setting once, Im on xbox here, so perhaps not an option for me.

If I do have that option is that a good thing to do what does switching to legacy do?

Don’t think so on XBOX. With the legacy mode, you cannot lock your controller on a command or button, I think.
If you set tooltips to OFF, you still have the button you choose illuminated, but you will not see the text anymore. I haven’t tried again since SU5

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