How do I walk in the "Flying Eye" aircraft?

Sorry for this absolute noob question, but: How do I “walk” inside the new “Flying Eye” aircraft?

So far I figured out that I select the aircraft (while in the Flight Planner aka World Map), then I switch into “Hangar” view. I also figured out how to switch view “into” the aircraft - but then what?

All I can do so far is rotating the camera. But none of the “usual suspects” like WASD keys, arrow keys or the extended number block keys do move the camera forward or backward (also tried with various modifiers like SHIFT, ALT, CTRL etc., to no avail).

So far I did not customise any keyboard settings - please tell me that I don’t have to assign any “camera movement” keys first?

Or am I simply in the wrong “viewing mode”? How else do I get “inside”?

Okay, so the answer is litteraly written in the product description page respectively in the NEWS section as well:

So by default ALT + ARROW UP|DOWN it is then, right.

Except… that didn’t work for me (I already wrote that I had desperately tried all modifiers, ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, … with all sorts of keys). But wait a sec… default?

Having been bitten by a rabid mouse already I immediately figured out what could be the culprit here, and indeed: I had a “Keyboard profile” selected instead of the “Default” profile! So switching back to the “Default” profile made the ALT + ARROW UP|DOWN keys indeed make the camera move forward|backward (not the most intuitive default keyboard assignment, one might add, but oh well… ;))

Lesson learned: “Don’t just clean the Community folder before/after an upgrade, but also reset your keyboard/mouse profiles to Default!

Hello I cannot start a flight with Mc Donnell Douglas!Why thank

That’s an easy one to answer: “You simply can’t” - as described by Asobo in various release notes and “developer update videos”. That airplane is just a “walking simulator” for now :wink:

It’s not flyable. Just a “display” model so to speak to raise awareness of the charity.

OK thank for your answer

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