How do you benchmark your VR performance?

Just wondering what tools you guys use to measure your FPS and other details in MSFS VR?

I’m trying to tweak around for optimal settings, but without any concrete data, I’m just relying on my subjective thoughts!

I use the nVidia performance stats overlay in the Nvidia Experience app. When enabled, you won’t see the FPS and other stats in the VR headset itself, rather you will see it on the 2D projected image of your headset view on your monitor.

You can also use FS’s developer mode, but it disables log book entry when in use so I don’t use it that much.

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Does it record your FPS for when you’ve finished, else I don’t see the point as I won’t be able to see the counter if its on my screen?

No it does not record FPS, but I only need a few minutes of testing to see what impact a change has made to FPS so I briefly fly outside the VR headset and watch the 2D screen.

Once I’m happy with the result, I turn off the FPS counter and don’t look at it again until the next major change/update.

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