How do you change pilot searing position

Hi all. May sound dull,. It is it possible to change the pilot to right side of plane.

Uk driver, used to being on right side of vehicles.


Not that I’m aware of. Even if you zeroed out the Co-Pilot weight, the default avatar appears in the left.

There are historical and practical reasons why single-pilot operation is on the left, and for the most part, the the senior pilot or Pilot in Command is also on the left. A notable exception being when a student pilot is taking lessons with a CFI in the right.

You can move YOUR view of the cockpit to the right side of the plane, so it appears you are sitting in the right seat.

I think its as simple as the left/right arrow buttons ?


Co-Pilot view using the Camera icon in the Toolbar.


I’ll try these suggestions later

The Co-Pilot view using the Camera icon in the Toolbar. movement is Permanent, till you change it back to Pilot

The left right arrow movement only remains as long as you keep in that view


  • Co-Pilot view using the Camera icon in the Toolbar is like swapping seats
  • Left / Right arrow is more like temporarily leaning over

In the TBM you can move around with the arrow keys. I used right arrow to move to the passenger seat, and then saved that position using CTRL-ALT and a number. I used CTRL-ALT-4 to save that position. Then when I press ALT 4, I’m moved to that position.

Assuming your plane works the same as inside the TBM, right arrow your way to the right seat, press CTRL-ALT-1 to save it so that when you press ALT-1, you’re taken directly to that seat/seat position