How do you move or scroll down way points in FPL


How do I look down through the FPL in the waypoints sections on the Garmin 1000. as I have posted. It seems that my mouse won’t allow me.

You need to press the center of the FMS knob to first highlight an entry. Then scroll using the big part of the FMS knob.

This sadly does not work. Been on all day trying to access this. Still cannot to get into the way points to view down

What part of it doesn’t work? Highlighting the entry, or scrolling the knob? A short video would help people help you, if you can record one.

It seems that when I press the bottom right hand know it brings up a sub menu at the bottom. When I press the know it goes yellow but does not scroll down through the waypoints?

That image isn’t really showing me anything.

The bottom right knob has 3 modes of interaction. The bottom layer scroll, the top layer scroll, and the top layer depress. You need to depress the top layer to get an entry to highlight. Then scroll the bottom layer to move the highlight up and down the list.

I will try again Tomorow morning but been on all day

The image was to show what I was trying to navigation wise

If the context menu opens you have turned the smaller knob instead of pressing it. There should be a finger cursor.

As you can see on this video. When I highlight the outer button and it turns yellow it brigs up the waypoint planner. I wonder if it’s a conflict with my mouse? I couldn’t upload the video so had to take a screenshot

Also when I highlight the inner knob this comes up when I scroll the mouse wheel

So an update. I played about with some settings in my mouse and got to where I could scroll up and down in my MFD to the left on the Garmin 1000

So when I done this I still cannot do this in other words scroll up and down on waypoints like I. An in the left. Does this make sense

So I guess its something now to do about mouse settings again

You need to grab the TOP layer knob, LOCK it, by holding left click, and then right click, to depress the button. This will highlight an entry in the flight plan page. You can then scroll the BOTTOM layer knob to move the highlight up and down the FPL page.

I recorded a video to show you what I mean. This is using default mouse controls.


Maybe tommorow I will try again. I will report back

I took a video of what I was doing but the file size was too big

So I did step by step above and what I got was this popping up.

Reset your mouse bindings to default and try again. Also you need to be on the FPL page.

I actually got it working. I had to zoom right in and the ouch the outer knob when it turned yellow. Then to hold it press the right mouse button. That then allowed the cursor to flash and then I was able to scroll - however I would like to thank you for your help. So …… thank you

Well, that’s what the video I posted showed you. Congratulations on getting it working!

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Easy this flying lark :grinning:

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