How do you prefer to fly on #xbox VFR or IFR?

because obviously we don’t have possibility to get atc add on on Xbox , I think VFR is the best way to fly, msfs is awesome on this way but ifr… :joy:, if the live weather is not OK with vfr just turn off and fly with my weather setting or go to skyvector, choose a good weather area in the world , because ATC just… Lost, if I fly airliner sometime I just shut off the radio :joy: and you? how do prefer to fly on Xbox,

I fly both IFR and VFR on XBox and enjoy doing both. IFR is doable if you research your flight plan a bit and know what speeds and altitude restrictions are at what waypoints etc… then just follow those to your destination. Once in awhile atc will get my ifr flight close to what it is supposed to be, better than it was a few months ago anyway.

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How do you find the altitude restrictions for waypoints?

I fly IFR mostly and it’s improved a lot since release on Xbox, atc is much improved.

with the terrain quality of this sim, mostly VFR

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I use the arrival\approach charts on skyvector for this info.


I regularly do both.

I’ve worked to understand the nuance and limitations of the current ATC, the various FMC/GPS units, and know what I need to do on my end flight planning-wise to get it to behave solidly enough to complete IFR flights successfully.

Thanks, I find ATC does a good job lately at giving me early instruction to descend for approach but I think often a little bit early so Im flying at 2-3000 about 20nm from the airport still, lol. That doesn’t always happen though.
Asobo have for sure done some work to massively improve this area.
I remember at launch on xbox ATC would have you descend very very late. I’ve yet to have that happen since later updates to the game.

I will start checking charts where available though as they are very useful to check to the correct altitudes.
Shame Skyvector is US only, is there anywhere I can get Europe charts for free?

Not for free, but check Navigraph. Free charts for Europe is a mess. Some countries provide free charts, maybe check with Eurocontrol or EASA. Vatsim and Ivao used to have charts, too.

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I know you can get charts and French aviation map on sdvfr application you can find it on Google play store or you can find charts and map on the website , I think it’s the same process in every country like USA with FAA

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