How do you remove an assigned shortcut button or keystroke?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find the procedure to assign shortcuts extremely confusing. I end up with several functions assigned to the same key. Can anyone tell me how to remove a shortcut that is assigned to a button? Thanks.

Before assigning a command to a key, you need to go look up to see if that key / button is already being used. If it is, you have to unassign / clear it first. You can use the search to see what a key is assigned to. It’s cleared the same way you assign a command.

Once it’s cleared, use the search to find the function you want to assign to that key and bind it.

The system is a bit wonky. I don’t really like the way its laid out. But once you’ve got it, it’s simple. Just not very efficient.

Thanks for the reply. What do you mean by clear it the same way you assign it? To assign it, I search for a function and assign that to a key. But to clear it, I can’t search for nothing and assign that to a key.

I don’t know keyboard shortcuts since I have everything assigned to my Logitech panels and switched on my x56, but here’s an example.

For this example, let’s assume A is the key to toggle auto pilot.

In your control config, you would search for what A does. In the right side panel, it will show you the A key is for Autopilot Toggle.

If you click the A in that right panel, window, it will pop up a box that lets you assign a new command for Autopilot Toggle, or give you option to clear it. You want to clear it in your case, then click Validate. Just like you were assigning a new command.

NOTE: I’ve found that at times, I would have to clear a command twice before it would actually take. I suspect this is a bug.

You must select “Clear Assignment” and then “Validate”

I don’t see “Clear current assignment”. I see only “Clear current input”, “Cancel”, and “Validate”. If I click “Clear current input” it just removes the key I’m trying to clear from the search box. It doesn’t actually clear the assignment.

After you “Clear current input”, you have to “Validate”.

After that, you can assign/bind a new command to the key.

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Thanks guys. I have it now.

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Sometimes you even have to do it two times before it registers properly.

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Note: I actually have to click “Clear current input” twice or it won’t stick. Has been like that since forever. Bug or feature? I don’t know.

I have not experienced that issue. Maybe I have been lucky, lol.