How do you sync the mixture of prop controls in a dual engine plane?

I have prop and mixture controls mapped to my keyboard. How do you set it up so that the same keys control both engines or all 4 engines?
I’m sure there’s an easy way, but I haven’t researched it enough to know how. it’s too hard to use the mouse to control these knobs and get them in the same position.

Just bind them into the same keys.

Ok it’s that simple…I’ll try it. thanks. Bind engine 2 prop control to the same key-press.

Yeap, you can do the same for all 4 engines control.

This worked after I mapped engine 1 and 2 to the same key press while flying a twin. As soon as I went back to a single and used the prop control I got a CTD. I tried it twice with same result. I am using F1 and F2 for prop control.

Then just set them as a separate profile, and switch profiles whenever you want to fly one type or the other.

Seems like a great idea…I will do that, thanks.

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