How does the GTX 3070ti handle 4K?

Hello, I have a PC system that consists of a 3070ti, an i9-10900K and 32GB DDR4 RAM. The game is installed on an SSD drive.

Right now, I fly the FBW A32NX, and I get pretty smooth and consistent FPS experience. I may get small drops at locations like KJFK. The graphics settings are all maxed out on ultra, and I increased the resolution scaling quite a bit, to around 2K. However, I run the sim at 1080p, that’s my current monitor resolution.

I want to upgrade to a 4K monitor, possibly ultra wide.
The issue is that I’m not sure how my system would handle the sim at 4K. I saw some benchmarks and mixed reports on the forums, but they’re all prior to Sim Update 5.

So, I wondered how’s the experience for those who run the sim on 4K with the 3070 card and a similar system as mine. What graphics settings do you use, and how much FPS do you get in demanding airports vs in the air.

Thanks a lot!

I think you should be OK. I have 9900K/2080ti/32 ram. I run an ultrawide 5120x1440 with everything on Ultra. I think 2080ti is about equal to a 3070 so you should have a slight leg up there.

If you increase resolution scaling a bit more to 200% at 1080p, that should give your graphics card a 4K equivalent workload and you can see how performance would be before you actually upgrade your monitor.

Thank you!

So, I’m in FBW’s A32NX right now at KJFK’s. All maxed out graphics settings to ULTRA and I have resolution scaling at 200%. I also have all the TRAFFIC settings at maximum.
I’m getting a pretty constant 25-30 FPS.
At around 3K feet, the FPS started rising towards 40+.
I tested both at night and day, and it’s the same results.


If you are happy with that performance at those max settings, then you’re good to go with your proposed 4K monitor upgrade.

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