How is this possible for recommended settings on a 3090ti

Its so weird that every time i go to do something with this game/sim the specs get worse

these are the recommended settings for a 3090ti … I played higher than this on a 3070/3080 in the past.

Makes no sense to me. Sim just keeps getting worse.

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This looks like GFORCE Experience, ignore what G-Force Experience is saying this has nothing to do with the simulator itself, in fact it’s been said by many not to install G-Force Experience. Just set your Settings accordingly via the Sim.

yeah but the thing is i can no longer play it on Ultra no matter what setting i put it on its just buggy and tearing every where. frame drops and everything else. it played it flawlessly about a week ago.

Thats GFE optimizing your game. You have to turn off the auto optimize option in GFE and make your settings manually.

But as GarciaMK has already said uninstall GFE, you can change any settings you need to in NV Control Panel, and in game.

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The GeoForce Experience optimizes performance if the optimizer is enabled to run automatically. The option can be disabled preventing any automatic updates to be made.

The GeoForce Experience optimizer works as designed to optimize performance. What does “optimize performance” mean? To most users this means awesome graphics with details and no “popping-in” visible and smooth performance without stuttering or pauses.

However, to NVIDIA “optimize performance” means to maximize FPS based on current hardware and resolution specs. The graphics may be blurry but the FPS will be the maximum. When I use this option, my FPS increases over 50% but the graphics are unacceptable.

There is the customization option available for maximum graphics using the slider by moving the indicator to the rightmost setting. This setting gave me the graphics details I need for camera-ready screenshots and videos. But FPS is not very good.

I discovered how to unlock better performance and graphics pre-SU10. GeoForce Experience optimizes performance using my indicated resolution of 4k. Changing my resolution to 1080p significantly boosted FPS with only minor degradation of graphics detail. In addition there are options to upscale graphics rendering.

Graphics settings whether or not using GeoForce Experience need to be reevaluated when SU10 is installed.

I just found out it could be windows. Since i jumped to the insider edition one and the fact that the new update for windows that released to the public has issues with Nvidia cards.

So I was on the build they just released before they released it.