How long does it take to get a response from zendesk?

I submitted a request for help over 48 hours ago and I still haven’t heard back. I am still having installation problems so it’d be nice to hear back from them.

Hello. I don’t think you will get a personal response on issues submitted. They probably have millions of messages. If you go to the upper right and click on your profile, you can see your activity and there, you can see each of your tickets statuses. Hope this helps!

I haven’t heard of anyone getting a specific response via Zendesk, I’m afraid. They basically just use it to collect bug reports to their internal bug tracking system; it’s in their FAQ somewhere.

You might find something helpful there, though, if you haven’t already tried:

Or you could post in the Self-service section here.

Good luck. It takes forever…

Could try contacting the xbox support may be able to chat to someone almost straight away if live chat service is in use.

They replyed to me in 3 hrs…

Guys, I promise I have tried every self service tip I could find. I’ve literally been trying for like a week now. When the last patch came out they gave specific instructions and said if they still didn’t work to send them a couple logs to see if they could help. I sent them the logs over 48 hours ago and they still haven’t answered. Not sure why they would tell you to do that if they aren’t actually going to help.

one of my ticket required 11 days to get a reply, be patient…

11 days cycle time means load is pretty high.

My CTDs have become worse now and I cannot launch any flight, sim crashes midway, loading selected airport. I could at least go to the airport, do a short flight and CTD happened when flight was ended for going to the main menu. Not a single CTD before

someone mentioned this on one of the groups i am in. They said turn settings down a notch and it worked for them.