How many CTDs do you have per number of Flights? Lets compare?

Odd 1 or 2 every few days, but i do fly about 4hrs daily

I’ve had two since game released. One landing at Rekyavik (saw a number of people had that). And also once when activating VFR map. I think that has since been fixed.

I have had MS 2020 2 days with about 6 CTDs on a brand new PC. That is more than I have had in P3D in 4 years.

Zero until the VR Update, I don’t do VR, btw. After, had about 5 CTD. 1 on a FBW A320 (previous release), one on a stock A320, two on a Longitude while looking at the flight planner, one at DFW after landing to reprogram another flight in a 350i, just started stuttering to about 1 frame/10sec then finally CTD.

I’ve noticed RAM will sometimes skyrocket seemingly out of the blue causing massive stuttering. Not a CTD obviously but I’ll have to shutdown and reboot computer to clear up. That alone is frustrating.

General rule of thumb, 152 never an issue even simrate max across half the nation. The more complex the plane the more issues I’ve had. Coming out of simrate max on bigger planes can sometimes give me unplayable stuttering.

Last two weeks have been good for me though. FBW A320, the last stable release seems good. In other words, IDK…good luck!

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I’ve been getting several CTD’s each day. Then I read about it possibly being caused by using offline AI, which has a lot of canned flight plan errors. Since turning off AI I’ve not had a single problem. So next thing is to try the mod from that repairs the traffic bgl files and then try turning the AI back on.

Try increasing the pagefile size. Seems to work for some people.

Can confirm this did not fix my CTD, it helped though. I found I could fly longer with AI traffic on before a CTD. Its a step in the right direction

Zero CTDs since the last one which was specific to a third-party aircraft beta release. The aircraft was fixed and I haven’t had a problem all month.

I fly several flights a day with different aircraft. I’ve had one or two CTD in the last 60 days

Since I bought MFS, just the one CTD after pressing the “V” key a couple months back. :slight_smile:

From what I have read on here, having 32GB of RAM is the gamechanger.

That doesn’t surprise me at all. Yet another reason I’m glad I have 64GB lol…

I’ve found that people with “only” 16GB in their systems are for whatever reason, extremely protective of that choice. Even after having it pointed out that it’s cheap and easy, they still want to argue that their 16GB is not only enough, it’s actually more than enough, so how dare you dispute them and recommend that they change?? Why that is I have no idea, my only guess (and it is just that) is that we’re dealing with kids whose ability to upgrade their systems lies in their parent’s wallets, and if the parents aren’t open to yet another upgrade, they’re stuck, so they lash out. But who knows if that’s even close to being a correct guess or not.

Anyway, just throwing that out there for the sake of conversation.

Well I have 32GB of ram 12TB of SSD storage and 11GB of VRAM and I still have crashes, so maybe it’s not the amount of ram?

same here. very frustrating. Usually occurs when messing with the G1000 or FMC. trying to adjust the flight plan or change an arrival have ended poorly for me. Recently added the Thrustmaster throttle quadrant, not sure if/how much bearing that may have…

About 50/50 at the moment. Reinstalled Windows fresh, the sim from steam as well, and still crashes. Started happening with the 6800XT drivers: “driver timeout”.

Never had a problem with CTDs except the VFR map bug a few builds back. 32GB ram, no overclock.

Loading saved flight files multiple times gives me the CTD.

Just a remark on virtual memory on SSD devices is a very bad idea. SSD provide fast access to data that are changed rarely and NOT frequently. So none SDD hard drives should take care of virtual memory, SSD devices should have windows and program directories but only data with a long persistancy.

12 TG SDD? Really? 32GB RAM is perfect for MSFS, no more virtual memory required.

And I suggest to everyone who is unsuccessfully trying to solve CDTs - after following all the recommended solutions - remove all the MSFS components (app + msfspackages folder) and make a fresh new installation. I know what you are saying, waiting again for the pretty long download and installation work…low bandwidth…why should I…
Well I’m an IT specialist and have build my own computers, developed operating systems, did test management and software development for 30 years and know all windows versions since 2.11 Everything works better if you start with a fesh installation without history. And back to MSFS, I had some issues remaining after checking even the deepest settings in the internal XML file structure of the basic simobject behavior and they were all solved through a new installation. So give it a try to be sure you have tried everything. Good luck and best regards Guido

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Yes. Exactly my situation with RX 5700 XT. Have now reverted back to last WHQL driver (pre-6800 series) and so far CTD’s are gone.

Edit: When these AMD “driver timeout” error reports popped up after the CTD’s, I did fill in the details and send to AMD. The more people who do this the more likely AMD will address it quickly. This is a clear case where CTD’s are GPU driver related I believe.