How many CTDs do you have per number of Flights? Lets compare?

Crash to Desktop is a very irritating issue, just wanted to ask you guys about how often and on which ype of aircraft does your sim crash?

I have had 4 CTDs in 62 flights. All flights were short haul like within 4 to 5 hours or less.

All my CTDs were on the A32NX.


I experienced few CTD but my impression is thst after it occours it is better to restart the pc.
Sometimes after the first CTD if I restart directly MSFS it happends again and again.
After restart PC all goes well.
Now I will investigate if MSFS crash leave a message in Windows Application error registry.

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About 6-8 in over 500 flights.
All flights in GA with flight times ranging from 1-6 hours, and those 6-8 CTD’s also includes about a dozen or so group flights.

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Still yet to have a crash when using the sim since release only had crashes when using the sdk.


5 or 6 in about 60 flights. One in the C152 and the rest in the A320 developer mod version.

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0 during a flight.
Had a handful of CTDs when going back to the main menu or during the sim loading phase, usually caused by 3rd party add ons.


3, 4 CTD every flight
with community empty
I think that this game have named insted FS2020, CTD2020

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I had some days ago like four in a row but turning off the live traffic solved it for me

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I fly two hours a day - five days a week since early September. Mostly GA local flights of an hour or less. So maybe 80 flights a month. I’ve had one CTD in all that flying. And, I have lots of mods installed.

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Never had a CTD since Alpha.

Sim’s very stable for me, with over 1gb of mods in the community folder


I experienced 2 CTD’s which were caused by the “Mini Map” bug.

Since then no (CTD) problems here.

CTD only when the VFR map was buggy some time ago
No CTD otherwise

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Although I cannot report precise statistics, I tend to say that CTD has a 33%share of flights. Never during prolonged flight, but often during loading a flight. No matter…

  1. Which plane is used
  2. Whether rural country or populated photogrametry area, bothcan crash
  3. Whether community folder holds content or is empty
  4. Across multiple updates since September

My guess is that a poor bandwidth of your internet in your area can be responsible. Sunday afternoon is a no go, too many streaming Netflix, skyping with grandma etc etc. Ok for working days in the early afternoon, competition is out for work. Along the same lines: server load ofthe Asobo server might be (too) hight in typical simming hours.
Ps: can confirm that rebooting computer can help, unfortunately not in any case.

Pretty much 1 ctd a flight for me at the moment (though just made a successful London to Paris flight in the FBW A320NX!). Usually see a vcruntime140.dll error in event viewer, sometimes accompanied by an AMD driver timeout but not always. Getting quite frustrating, particularly as I like doing longer flights. Still absolutely love the sim though.

Alpha and the release version I got no crashes. The last 2-3 updates I got 3 crash’s by 10 flights. Game freeze 3 -4 sec and than back in desktop.

Prior to Sim Update 2, the only CTDs I had were either:

a. quickly traced to a bad mod / livery / plane (Carenado issue a while back) and quickly rectified
b. the VFR map issue that came with the Japan update.

Outside of those, I never had a random CTD.

Since Sim Update 2, I would say 1 in 3-4 flights would end up with a CTD. I’d be flying along, suddenly the sound would stutter, screen would freeze, and I’d be staring at my desktop. I tried with my regular mods, liveries and external tools (Stream Deck, Navigraph, Little NavMap) as well as completely vanilla

Oddly, it’s been working fine for the last 2 days. I didn’t change anything. No new mods, liveries, hardware, etc. I went from crashing nearly every other flight to not crashing at all.

I suspect the cause may have been something server-side and Asobo fixed that this week after returning from holidays, but I have no way of verifying that.


Never had a CTD, I have about 200 flights, all in the A320NX mod all using Vatsim.

Had 2, maybe 3, since launch.

Only time it CTD is during attempt to load saved flight.

I’ve been flying for months without any crashes at all, then a week ago, I’ve started crashing on every flight. It’s really weird.

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