How many hours have you flown so far?

I’m at 12 hours myself. It would be easily be 20 to 30 but the when the sim crashes to the desktop during a flight I lose that particular flight time…


Not enough!!


I’m like at 70 hours or more on the 172 (steam gauge version). I’ve been sick so this is all I’ve been doing.

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111, not including Alpha.

I have no life, and I’m properly ashamed of myself.


58 hours, (44 of which were in the 1st week of launch) I have been severely depressed for the past couple of years and gave up on aviation and this has sparked it up in me again.) I am learning so much and seeing what the world has to offer. It’s incredible. Making it a life goal to get me a Cessna 150 or 152 and pursue my childhood dream of being a pilot (: So many more hours to come.


166 so far

around 25 or 30 but it counted 12 because i ddint know how to end flight probably

wow you guys nailed it. me only 32 hours, including messing around

25, with an profile wipeout due to some bug in the first days.

I start cold and dark and have spent several hours planning flights with FSEconomy and the OnAir free week. And browsing mod pages and lists, it’s like a gatcha game, XD.

I’ve flown only three Cessnas, 152,172 and 208. Not engaged in any of the activities yets, so plenty to do yet. If I find the time, I’m stating one of the Bush Trips, for sure.

My first week was 50 hours. I stayed up late on the last day to hit 50 hours. I’m not sure why. I’m retired. I must admit a lot of that was testing and setting graphics. 2nd week was 40, just like a normal work week. I learned how to use autopilot, but I don’t set autopilot then leave for the day. I monitor. I’m currently at 114:33. And I have a few long flights over an hour, some close to 2 hours, that I ctd at landing.


Never, ever, give up your dream to fly!


About 42 hours. I’ve done two of the bush trips and have started on the third. And several hours just looking at scenery and aircraft.

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47hrs. Hoping to bust 50 today! :smiley:

127 hours. Although haven’t had much time this week to put into it.

14H. didn’t play this week. Have finish to discover the visual and now, the sim isn’t enough mature to fly in a more serious way, so i’m waiting for enhancements (a lot).


20 hours of which 11 hours in the 172. Funny I noticed that the aircraft have a flying time counter individual to each. The other hours are in the TBM and the robin… purely for the landing challenge.

9 hrs flying and 98 hrs twiddling the settings, lol


wow some of you guys have logged some impressive hours! I wish I could do more but there never seems to be enough time in the day anymore…
Also the CTD’s are proving annoying and I just can’t seem to get it be more stable.
Initially almost every single flight resulted in a CTD. Its better now but still happens.
My pc isn’t too badly spec’d (7700k, 2080ti, 32gb) and its not overclocked ether. hopefully they resolve some of the stability issues soon.

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Only 10h so far. With all the amazing freeware addons coming out, I think that number will increase rapidly. :wink:
Right now I’m exploring UK in the Savage Cub.

110 hours lol