How many of the millions MSFS owners are “gamers”, vs. “flight simmers”

I’d vote for that!
That might be a good, new thread topic, Ron.
It would be interesting to know how many of the millions MSFS owners are “gamers”, vs. “flight simmers”.

We could vote by giving this Post a “Like” (heart) if you are a “simmer”.
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This is a great idea. Could you add a poll to your first thread? Maybe change the title to “Simmer or Gamer poll”.


I wish I’m a flight simmer, but MS and Asobo turned me into a gamer. So I’m a semi - flight simmer at this stage or maybe forever.:rofl::crazy_face:


I am both a gamer and flight simmer. Does that count?


I’m definitely a simmer, but I do play the odd games here and there. If there is a good sim, you can count me in

Hahaha, you’ve only gone and done it!
Right then! I give this 12 hours, tops! But While I have the chance:

I am unashamedly a gamer. A gamer with a particular penchant for the open world [sandbox]
style of stealth game - I like to go wherever I want, whenever I want and happily for me, these days
I find myself well catered for.

Of course MSFS falls nicely into this bracket. However for me MSFS is not a game. And when I ‘fly’, I do so with my simmer’s head firmly on. Further, I consider myself a serious simmer! I have, after all, been
at it for more than 25 years.

Cheers for this thread.

That was the long[ish] answer.
The short answer to the OP’s question is a dissociative both.

OR…we could stop these ridiculous game vs sim comparisons as soon as possible…?


Could you define the difference?


A thousand times this


Sit back, feet up, break out the popcorn


I’m sorry, but the split between “gamers” and “simmers” is extremely artificial, and I find that is almost never used in good faith. I’m both.

Splitting the hobby into tribalistic categories so that some can feel superior or more entitled than others is pretty toxic. This is an artificial distinction created by people that can’t admit to themselves that they’re playing games and that it’s perfectly ok to play games no matter how old or mature you are.

The bottom line is – despite the fact that some hate to hear it – simmers are gamers.

The flight simulation hobby is and has always been a sub-segment of the gaming hobby. Unless you’re paid to fly on a simulator, you’re playing a computer game. Some simply get deeper into the pilot roleplay than others, but it remains a roleplay. IE: Playing a game.

And before someone comes up with: “I’m not roleplaying! I’m a real pilot!” (Besides the fact that if I had a dime for anyone I’ve seen on forums claiming they’re real pilots in the past 30 years in this hobby only to give themselves a made-up air pf superiority, I’d be semi-rich). When you’re flying on a commercial simulator on your PC, you’re not exercising your job as a pilot. You’re not at work and you’re not being paid. You’re a dude/dudette sitting on a chair in front of a PC. You’re still roleplaying, IE: Playing a game.


Salted or Caramel Sir? Choose quickly, the salty is going to sell fast for this one. The Caramel it is. Enjoy the show🍿


I totally agree with you. This should be pinned in every flight sim forum to end the debate once and for all.


Can I get both in one mix? Caramel gets too much on its own.

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I’m playing a game in the simulator genre, what about that?


Flightsimmer, as real as possible is my standart

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I’m a study level flight sim gamer. Don’t forget that category in the poll please.



Totally agree. Never understood the need to categorise people, it never leads to anything positive.

We are all one community, call us all gamers, simmers, aviation enthusiast’s or whatever.

If you support a football team and watch a game now and then on TV or travel on all away games makes no difference, you are still a football fan.

Like with any hobby some spend more time and effort on it, for whatever reason. Unfortunately the flight sim community always had the issue of elitism, no matter which title it’s been. But MSFS has brought in lot of new people to the hobby, which some,for whatever reason see as a threat…can’t understand that, as it’s fantastic that our hobby can grow and bring in new people.


They’re the same thing…

Flight sims are still just a piece of entertainment software, you play for fun and relaxation.

One group has just convinced themselves they’re doing something oh so grown up and serious.

This is par for the course in any game community though, you always get those who delve too far and make it their identity.