How many other people are using Ivry and your smart phone to fly in vr?

I don’t have a Vr rig …I have an app called Ivry that you purchase on steam that turns your smart phone into a vr rig …has head tracking and everything a vr rig has except I believe 6 depth of field. But apart from that is every bit as smooth and awesome as a full on Vr rig.
As long as you direct wire your phone not connect via wifi …especially for this flight sim …you have a smooth flowing experience no lag whatsoever…I play on ultra settings which delivers the most amazing visuals, I swear you could easily mistake it for really flying in a plane!
The app is called Ivry and you can get it 0n steam for like 12 dollars…I play this game, elite dangerous , Star Wars squadrons, il5, dcs world , combat air patrol all in Vr using Ivry and my iPhone 7 Plus with a 20 dollar vr box. I am not sure what I’m missing without the 6 dpof?
It’s the poor mans way to experience vr when you don’t want to or can’t shell out the 1k for a Vr rig. Before I figured this all out I was thinking of getting a track ir so I could at least look around without pushing buttons …but now why spend 300 when your smart phone with Ivry has smooth head tracking without the complicated setup …
Of course your computer still has to be a powerful gaming type rig for it all to work smoothly. But as long as your computer is powerful enough you can get a great vr experience using Ivry, vrbox and a smart phone …
I have to say this flight simulator in vr is simply stunning! I can’t imagine a better flight sim experience! Doing the bush flights, airports I struggled to find on the route in regular mode I find easily in vr and honest to god it feels like I am really flying I just can’t get enough of it! This is the best damned flight sim imaginable now!
When this sim first came out I made a post raving about it then and a few people chimed in with a few complaints …some of which were warranted but the sim just launched it was to be expected that there would be some teething problems …but now if you are flying in Vr I can’t see how anyone could have any complaints! In my opinion it’s perfect couldn’t be better! The only way to get a better flying experience is to get in a real airplane haha
So just th0ught I would speak about Ivry here just in case it’s not common knowledge and people that could be soaring around in virtual reality with this sim for around 40 bucks total spent are missing out just because they did not know about this! And yeah anyone that has a powerful enough computer and could do this …trust me do it!
If anyone has any questions and needs help getting it all going with Ivry and your smart phone just ask me here …happy to help any way I can!
Bear in mind though if your computer is not a powerful rig it’s unlikely you will be able to run vr through Ivry …no point really in trying on an old sub par rig I doubt you will get playable results . If you can’t get a smooth experience in regular mode it’s just about guaranteed you will not be able to use vr in any playable manner so d0nt waste your time and money…

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I spent $300 Cdn for my Samsung Odyssey Plus. Best $300 I’ve ever spent! I did try the iPhone VR box and I couldn’t get it to work with X-Plane (at the time). But it did work with some cheap games. I don’t think Ivry was out at the time. I can’t go back to XP or flatscreen flying anymore. Have fun,

Bixgtp can I ask what am I missing with the Ivry / smartphone vr not having 6 dpof? How much of a difference is it to actually have that?
I am completely obsessed with flying on vr so what I’m trying to figure out is it worth my while to get a proper rig? I know when you tried to run vr through an app and your phone they did not have it down properly and it only worked with cheaper games etc …but now with Ivry as far as I can tell anyways the only difference between a fully fledged Vr rig and running Vr through the phone is the 6 x depth of field …does it make a big difference to the experience as far as you can tell?

Thanks mate

Well, I guess I just don’t know since I wasn’t able to get it to work with my flightsim at the time. I can say that the effect of my iPhone 3D or VR was soooo good that I couldn’t wait to get a proper VR headset with controllers to be able to play better games (XP11, Half Life Alyx, Moss and some 1st person shooters). Visually you may not be missing anything but 6DOF allows you to combine forward and backward movement within a space as well as controllers movement. Hope this helps

I’m assuming this will only work with MSFS2020 purchased from Steam and not MSFS2020 purchased via Microsoft Store?


No I have msfs2020 purchased from the Microsoft store… you just first start iTunes and direct wire your iPhone …then startup Ivry which starts up steam vr and you can then see the welcome screen on your headset… you then Minimize everything and start msfs2020 …once loaded you start vr mode and it works thr0ugh steam VR …so yeah you d0nt need to have the steam version of the flight sim for it to work in steam vr!

Thank you for that, I’m going to give this a try :grinning:

No problem mate, I hope you manage to get it going you will love it! 1000 x better flying in vr! You won’t be able to go back to pancake mode after.
If you have any problems getting it going just write about it here I may be able to help …I did go through a few rounds getting it working just right.
Once you get Ivry there are a few settings that you should disable and others you should enable for the best experience there…
Set Ivry to max resolution and max quality as long as you have a decent internet bandwidth… and a decent computer.
Also turn off the bloody auto adjust resolution as every time your internet dips a little the picture quality will dip and then bounce back up and yeah it’s simply annoying…
When you first start Ivry the picture will be in these vignettes …the image will be round circles …you can turn that off and get a full screen but I don’t remember what setting that is …just play around with the settings a bit …you can always reset to default if it all ends up a mess… I think but not sure as it was awhile ago I turned off lens distortion …although if you don’t have a high end computer maybe it runs best in the smaller image circle things…
And yeah while it’s tempting to use wifi fro your stream for me anyways and I have a good high bandwidth internet …it was always choppy over wifi …I found direct wiring to iTunes the way to roll…oh yeah one more thing there is a specific version of iTunes you need to use for the direct mode to work …refer to the Ivry developers they will give you a link to that version …if you are on android I can’t help as I have only ever used the iOS version…
Have any troubles setting it all up be sure to ask and I will help if I can


Thanks for the explanation on the dpof ! It sounds like that function is only really helpful in FPS games and the likes ! I have never tried FPS with vr , maybe if I get into that one day I will upgrade to a proper system.
I’m like you I can’t fly anymore in msfs2020 or in elite dangerous …il5 …dcs world etc in flat mode …it just doesn’t feel right anymore haha being able to look around without pushing buttons makes a huge difference in finding things, landing and the rest and it just feels so close to real life that pancake mode just feels wrong now if you can fly in vr why ever go back! Although I do find my eyes getting tired a lot quicker in vr!

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