How many players are there?

Just wondering how many people are playing MSFS so far? Both total downloads and playing simultaneously? I feel like I have know idea whether it’s in 10,000s or 100ks or more?

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7.5 billions, and couple of martians


Sounds reasonable :wink:

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Ok some rough stats I can see online:
-Microsoft store review <1000 (last time I checked)
-Steam reviews >9000
-ms2020 discord: >40,000 members
-reddit r/MicrosoftFlightSim > 40,000 members
-This forum: > 157K members total, 35K in last seven days.

I’m assuming that membership on discord, reddit would account for only a small % of total players. This forum is probably includes a greater percentage of players, though I wonder if it also includes people who haven’t downloaded the sim (if only 35K added last week?).
So I might guess somewhere around 100-200K total who have the game, maybe a bit more who knows.
I’m interested in anyone else’s opinion, or if there’s better data to go off.