How many uninstalled modules do you have?

I have 84. Enough to buy a new VR headset.


The only stuff uninstalled are the Asobo Handcrafted airports that I’ve replaced with Third Parties.

I don’t buy stuff from the MP so doesn’t really come into factor.

Otherwise I use Addon Linker so the only stuff in the Community Folder is what is required for that series of flights.

Now, what have I purchased that I don’t use? That’s kept track of here, along with what replaced it, if anything.


I deleted AIG models that are part of FSLTL base models in the Community folder. In Content Manager I uninstalled almost 100: World and City updates that I do not use, 75 Aviators Club + Xbox Aviators Club, and 2 other models to make static parked aircraft look more realistic.

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That’s some impressive record keeping! Nice work!

Not many. I run on a budget setup so i like to keep things light and streamlined.
So i removed all the planes i never use, install 1 world update at a time, explore it fullly, then move on to the next one. Not everyone’s cup of tea, i know, but i have to work with what i have. So that’s how i roll
------ EDIT
i meant “many”


I just rolled my Premium edition to only have the airplanes that came with Standard edition at roll out. So, all payware, free added with updates, and aircraft from Deluxe and Premium uninstalled.

Still have all WU, City Updates and added Airports from each update, etc.

Just a little experiment for myself to see if I would miss any airplanes, and which ones, had I only purchased the Standard edition.

So, I have been flying the default G1000 172 with Bagolus enhancement mod exclusively since the cull and I have not missed anything so far!

Total install down to about less than 250 GB and start up fairly faster than before at more than 480 GB.

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If I bought it, it’s installed. But as for uninstalled, I still have a pile of those. I’ve uninstalled all of the Aviators, Xbox, and Livery One paints, along with completely uninstalling the drone on steroids.

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same here, i bought the premiun and ended up with something like the standard

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Isn’t curious?!?!

You want all the bells and whistles and then realize, huh? I didn’t need all that. :grin:

Lesson learned for MSFS 2024 when that rolls out!

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that could be the story of my life


Pretty much mainly fly Comanche/Wilga/Tigermoth/TBM850

Still fly from Premium Deluxe:

Baron (With BS Steam Gauge mod)
Steam 172 (with WB Sim mod)

plus occasionally …

From Standard fly modded 152 and BS modded Steam Bonanza.

Nothing uninstalled.

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Unless you are low on space, I don’t believe having lots of world updates or planes installed really impacts performance. I’ve certainly not noticed it. Maybe slightly quicker loading times?

thats the thing… i could only swing a 240gig m2 drive… yeah i know they are cheap… but thats what i have… and 240 for mfs is nothing, it will gobble it up in no time

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Lol, yes, absolutely!

zzzzzzzzzzzzero as of tonight. Microsoft is feeding me them back through the pipeline as we speak. Grrrrmbl.

I have 306 not installed with 1164 installed.
Now that’s a lot of modules. The sim has used 578gig of a dedicated 1tb ssd

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No space disc problem here but in order to get faster start I have unistalled all Bush, training and discovery flights, aircraft I don’t use and reduced to a minimum the world areas I don’t fly.
I have 180Gb installed and the rest is in Community and I use Addons linker depending the flights

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