How many "updates" before it's actually updated?

I’m going through the World Update II: USA today, and it just donned upon me on the sequence/steps of updates. This is what happened:

  1. When I fired up my MSFS, it reminded me of “mandatory” update, so I followed the instructions and MSFS directed to the Microsoft Store. I downloaded something about 950MB in size.
  2. Then when I returned to MSFT, it was asking me to “update” again. This time, it was a bit lengthy process (about 30mins for me) with update/installation of something about 12.5GB in size.
  3. Then I restarted my MSFS again, and thought my World Update II-USA was installed, but only to realized that I yet need to “Buy and Download” (free of course) the World Update II-USA in the market place, this time, the size was about 4.3GB.

So, is this what everyone had gone through? How many times did I actually “update”? and how much hardrive space I actually end up using more? (is this a matter of adding up the sizes of the above three items)?

Thank you all.

Eventually, it will all run out of the cloud but that is probably many years away.

That said, a 1TB SDD is what… $150 now? Just dedicate a HDD to it otherwise don’t install all the updates.

Personally, the bigger the better = more detail and more immersive as long as it runs at decent fps.


yep - definitely the same crappy experience :slight_smile:


Yes, we all go through the same process. If you think about the main EXE file being the launcher for the game, then it’s not that unusual. First the launcher gets updated, then the launcher checks for updated game files, which are then updated. Finally, the content module, USA, was added and you were given the choice to download it. I don’t mind this setup because for me, as an example, I am never going to fly in Japan, so I don’t need the GBs of data the last Japan update added.


lol I was thinking exactly this…when is an update not an update… when you update msfs2020…

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I also wonder, at this update “rate”, how long can I have before my 1TB SSD runs out of space? if I simply add more SSD, how would the MSFS’s installation/folder path need to be adjusted to ensure smooth future updates/size increases on the new SSD?

maybe too early for me to worry at this point…

yup I bought a small ssd, not sure if you can have the addons on hdd and the main on the ssd… needs someone clever to answer that!

Pretty much the same process for me, but for the last 3 or 4 patches I have skipped step one, and gone straight to the MS Store first. I download the updated installer files, then run the sim, and let it update.

I don’t know the technical reasons of why this two step process is needed, perhaps because it is hosted on the MS Store, but it has worked for me every time so far, no re-installs, no re-downloads of everything, no forgetting of the installation folders, and meets my expectations.

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I got myself a dedicated 2TB SSD just for this game alone…Might need to upgrade to a 4TB this time next year lol

I do this too and also have no problems. Logic dictates it’s a MS Store game, therefore update through the store and run from there to start the game, thus enabling a smooth update experience.

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Yes, I agree.

The update process does seem unnecessarily long winded. Not a deal breaker for me but a more optimised process would be great further down the line.

Having a slow ADSL connection at 10Mbit/s the 17GB download is a long 4 hours and not being able to run the sim with the download as a background task does add some insult to the equation. I guess it beats waiting for a disk being shipped to the door though.

I booted the sim, it told me to update, so I clicked update, took 10 mins. Then I went to the Marketplace and downloaded the US update which took maybe 5-10 mins? Not that much hassle to be honest.

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Nope, I’m out, done with this BS now, I have no idea how anyone has the free time available to keep this thing updated and actually use it, I can count on one hand the amount of times over the last 4-5 months I’ve been able to successfully load this game. Finally, I get some time off to have another crack at this thing and I’m confronted with another mandatory 10gb update, this will take another full day of leaving the computer while I do something else. It’s beyond a joke now and is actually fckin hilarious when I’m confronted with these mandatory updates now.

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If you use Steam, you’re probably already used to “mandatory” updates. The software is constantly changing, bugs getting fixed, new ones appear that must also be fixed further down the line.

These issues require patches, and since it is mostly online, even when you want to use it offline, the client needs to be updated.