How much time in the forums?

How many of you are spending more time in the various forums looking up help and tips than in the sim?

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By day in the forums (at work), by night in sim.


Not me , what you need help with ?

Don’t judge me , I have no life atm

I have no life either and am a bit of a geek so I have time to study issues that I come across excepting the true game bugs/flaws. so I sometimes give help sometimes get some and sometimes rant a little. but thanks for the offer :wink:

I usually have the forums open on a second monitor while I’m flying.

More time in the forums until I get my flight sticks! I still fly in the sim quite a bit, im on the xbox game pass so i dont know how much time i’ve logged (but i’m nearing 20 hours flight time in game)… Summer break’s almost over, Im hoping to order flight sticks before it ends!

Flight without a controller is okay but a proper flight stick or yoke really helps on take off and landing.