How much?

Ho much have you already spent on hardware because of MSFS?
Did you so before or after some time spent with the sim (alpha / beta / after release)?

$4101 total

PC $1000 before
UW monitor $1000 before
Alpha $249 before
Logitech Radio $148 before

64gb RAM $225 after
Bravo $249 after
Realsimgear XFD $1000 after
TrackIR $150 after
TFRP $170 after

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Built a new system specifically for MSFS.
Spent a little over $4000 but wasn’t aiming for a budget machine.
Tried to purchase a step or two below the top-of-the-line.
Spec’s are in my Profile.

“Intel i9-9900K Liquid Cooled, 32MB RAM, 1TB NVMe M.2, GeForce RTX 2070 Super, WIN10, Honeycomb Alpha Yoke, Logitech G Pro Pedals, MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe.”

(Having a blast… money well spent).

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2500$ total

PC 1400$ before
VKB Gladiator Mk2 80$ before
X52 (stick is broken throttle works) 200$ before
1440p monitor 700$ before
trackir 130$ before

i had everything before, used it for DCS and IL-2, the only thing i had after is the 5$ game-pass subscription and 25$ on the new M20 from Carenado

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OK, me spent close to $4200 (in my local currency) for a new HW, including:

  • CPU 10700K + Noctua cooler
  • New Z490 ASUS mobo (MAXIMUS XII HERO)
  • 32 GB of RAM (Corsair 3200 MHz)
  • GPU OCd MSI RTX 2070S Gaming X
  • PSU 1000W and case Fractal R7 (preparing for RTX 3080 card, soon hopefully)
  • 1TB Samsung NVMe SSD + 2TB Samsung SATA SSD + 4TB SEAGATE EXOS HDD
  • Calibrated EIZO 27" 1440p LCD
  • Logitech X56 stick & throttle + Logitech Rudder pedals
  • HyperX headset

All during Alpha / Beta phase.

My wife really don’t know how much all this was. :wink:
If she do, I’m be probably dead now. :smiley:

Since alpha testing…0€/$

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My respect man!
You’ve successfully resisted a temptation. :slight_smile:

Well, I bought myself a new PC (3950X, 32GB, 2080 Ti. etc) some months back, and the upcoming release of MSFS was one of the excuses I used to justify spending so much. Though I suspect I’d probably have done it anyway.

As for new hardware specifically for MSFS, at some point I’m going to get myself a 2 TB SSD, as flight sims (MSFS, DCS, X-Plane) seem to eat disk space for breakfast…

I added an extra 16Gb Ram so not so much.

Around 40£k uk

New pc 1900£
Keyboard £90
Mouse £60
Headphones £260
Monitor £1000
Stand for new pc £100
2x monitor mounts £100
Various cables etc £50

And a conservatory for the house… in exchange. Keeping the wife happy… 36k or so


Seit dem Alpha-Test… 0 € / $

You should have spend the 36k on new hardware instead of the house​:joy::wink::wink::wink:

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Unless you count building a new computer then 0 dollars other than purchasing the game for 60 bucks. Parts for the new computer were 1800 dollars but I would have built it anyway. It wasn’t specifically for MSFS. I didn’t even know it was getting released yet when I built it.

Everything else I already had from FSX and Xplane. I would guess I spent a couple hundred with Xplane but I don’t have anything real fancy. X52 hotas, no rudder pedals and I had a few add ons. I haven’t paid for any add ons yet in MSFS. Its still the bone stock basic edition.

Just a $180 TrackIR.

About $600 for a 2070 super. That’s it. This was in prep for msfs. Probably will get new controller(s) when the market stabilizes and they’re available.