How set trim on MCDU aboard Boeing 747-8I on Xbox Series X version

Good day. Xbox Series X version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
I am learning to fly on Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental.
I flew from Catania to London also landing succsesfully at its Heathrow.
But a question drives me to summon your help about MCDU settings, and in particular set trim/pitch via MCDU before take off.
I am an usual A320 Neo flyer, but i always wanted to learn B747-8I and yesterday was the first flight with it. I would learn that plane so that i can use it to fly everywhere.
I tried all you tube tutorials, but none if them showed how to set trim via MCDU. II can send a photo to show where in particular.

Could someone among you please provide a more detailed tutorial on MCDU settings, but possibly without using simbrief, since i like to plan flights by myself.
Thanks to you all.