How small is your install?

Recently been toying with just installing what I need to fly in the US* and well I’ve quickly gone bonkers with it. I took out all the planes I dont fly, all the places I usually dont and even all of the POIs, this is it…


*you do where you fly as you like


My packages folder (which includes community) is 95.5GB according to Windows. I freed around 60GB by deleting fs-base-cgl alone. I don’t have all of the hand-crafted airports installed, nor the training missions or aviators liveries. I do have all POIs installed.

So you hit play on Tuesday what time Wednesday does the game finish loading? :smiley:

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Sim loads in 4:25 on my rig. I’ve seen as quick as 4:10. The size blew up after I got the FENIX. The 8K liveries for it can be almost a gig each. I think I have around 75 installed.

Just did a race to ground at LAX with all my East Coast Airports and Mods installed (only 27 gb) on the tarmac at 2:27

and pretty

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This thread made me curious about my load time to start the sim. I just clocked it. 3:39 with a 257 gig/983 item sim.

Literally just pushed it as fast as I could, initial load in at 1:45 and here’s where I was at 3:45

That’s with FlyTampa KBOS CYYZ, MadDog MD-80
Other Mods edit, fair list, All NE FlyingsCool airports, Enhanced Ground Vehicles, WeLoveVFR(both), REX Ground Textures, REX AccuSeason, Global AI ships traffic, Simple Traffic, local Boston Waterfix and a few others

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*Aggressively without care just hitting fly as fast as I could I managed to get a plane in the sky in under 1:39

  • I was going to say “blindly” but I remembered a forum reader/player asked we not use such terms, sorry I forget your handle but I’m working on it.

Edit: Being a “■■■■■■■” I’m a regular terms being flung about carelessly … lol it just means me mum and dad weren’t wed, no need to block it out Asobo :smiley:

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