How to add a scenery with a custom 3D object added?

Hi guys. So I capture some sceneries for some spesific landmarks with eart2MSFS tool and edit in blender then export them to MSFS for fine tuning before the final release. And I decided to tweak some of the models inside the scenery like some statues and memorials. I’ve created some metal structures and added a prophet 3d model for example. Is there a different way to export this scenery file other than the standard export to MSFS tool. I thought it should be straight forward and Blender should’ve take care of the models and treat them and convert them as scenery files. Whatever I’ve tried I couldn’t make it load while building the package. I get some errors which I don’t understand and can not see my scenery file under the object tab… :frowning: Do I have to export the statues as obj files ???

It is really kind of Trial and error. I am not sure, if that’s a problem of the 0.9 sdk. My workflow ist: Build a package, and then export your Blender model into the modelLib folder. Move the textures into the texture folder. (I usually create one subfolder for each model i try to include into the scenery).
Important ist to change the MSFS Shater to “MSFS Standard” inside blender, before you export the model.
You can then build the package inside MSFS. I could see and place every model I created. I did not manage to get it saved properly so far, everytiem I close the Package, all my models are gone and I have to start from scratch. I’ll tell you when i managed to save and build a package.

@Babulu73, did you solve the problem of not being able to keep scenery objects every time you close the package? That is exactly the problem I am having. Also, when I copy my package folder to the community packages folder, I cannot see the buildings I created. I figure that is probably related to the first problem of scenery objects not being properly saved in the package.

No I was not able to add anything since 0.9 SDK but I don’t know if it’s my fault. There are so many new mods coming out every day, that I wonder how they do it. Or are those all Google earth caputre files, that do the relevant files for themselfs? I have to admit, I didn’t try very hard lately, I wait for the new Update of UK and hopefulle new SDK arriving at the same time and will try again then.

Ok thanks. I got it to work before by following a tutorial I found. I can’t tell you which one off hand. But I will try to find it.